UK Gypsies and Travellers take a stand against discrimination
SOPHIE HEMERY 17 April 2016

[NAGTRW wish to point out the petition mentioned in this article was set up to accompany the March in London on 21st May 2016- our Shay Clipson has contacted the Journalist and asked her to correct this, the petition needed a named person to set it up- hence Shays name and our Org appears but it is very much a petition that belongs to the Gypsy & Traveller Community]

Facing persistent racism and a critical change to planning law, which has been accused of being at odds with the Equalities Act and the European Convention of Human Rights, UK Gypsies and Travellers are saying enough is enough.

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The Forgotten Voices Conference Bucharest April 2016

NAGTRW attended the Forgotten Voices [of the Holocaust] Conference follow link for initial details more will be available soon




Many will already be aware that NAGTRW has taken a very hard and vocal stance on this matter and have written to The Culture Minister, the WRU, RFU, 6 Nations, World Rugby, and many others to air our feelings in regard to this.

It is not the use of the word ‘Gypsy’ that is the issue here, those of us from a Romany background will mostly identify ourselves as “Romany Gypsy’ people.

 This issue here is that ;-

The comment was made aggressively and the clear intention was to rile and insult Samson Lee.

 Would it have been acceptable if another player had his ethnicity used in this manner e.g. ‘Black Boy” – “Jew Boy’ – or his sexual orientation e.g. ‘Gay Boy”

 Of course not

The law in UK and EU is very clear that you cannot make derogatory comment to another in regard to Race, Colour, Creed , sexual orientation of disability.

The RFU rules are very clear that such conduct will result in an automatic 4-week ban, but in this case those rules were not applied, and that in itself demonstrates that Samson’s Lees ethnicity was not regarded equally.


It does not Matter that Joe Marler apologised, nor does it matter that Samson Lee accepted his apology – what matters is;

  • That there was an incident that took place and that incident had a racial element.
  • The incident took place in a public arena
  • The comment made was potentially heard by millions of people
  • The rules that police such incidents were not applied.

EQUALITY -We ask for no more - We accept no less.

Gypsies By Birth - Not By Definition 

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NAGTRW Ask Local Government Ombudsman to Investigate Coventry City Council

National Alliance of Gypsy Traveller & Roma Women has issued a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman after and officer from Coventry City Council made inappropriate comment about Gypsies /Travellers while speaking on BBC Radio

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The Tamworth Herald has agreed to print a correction after they published an inaccurate article  in relation to a group of Gypsies /Travellers .....

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NAGTRW's Submission to Women & Equalities Committee Inquiry in Inequality experienced by Gypsies Travellers & Roma