You also have the right not to be hurt by words spoken or written that  are offensive to you because of your ethnicity and that leave you frightened, offended, insulted or feeling humiliated and degraded, words like this can amount to hate Speech and this is a criminal offence, if the words ask or encourage others to take against you or harm you in any way because of your ethnicity, that can amount to the very serious offence of incitement to racial hatred.

Please click on the link below to  read an article  written by NAGTRW's Shay Clipson for the TRAVELLERS TIMES

The article tells you how to report hate crime or hate speech,

If you need some support contact NAGTRW by emailing


Remember ..

Racism hate & Hate Speech are directly linked to Gypsies and Traveller families being unable to access appropriate accommodation .

If you cannot access appropriate accommodation you will struggle to access adequate health care for your self and your family and education for you children​


It cannot be underestimated how much harm can be done to a minority group with words. The old saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me, is very far from the truth.

 Most racially motivated attacks begin with words, this can range from children hearing negative or hostile words expressed in the home – to the literature distributed and published by right wing ornaisations. – Words are at the very root of hate of hate crime.

​Hate Crime & Hate Speech​ Against Gypsies Travellers & Roma

Hate Crime against Gypsies & Travellers is 'never acceptable" says Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner

 Although the law protects minority groups from persecution etc based on their ethnicity, religion. Gender, sexuality or disability, it also protects the right to freedom of expression, so when it comes to ‘hate speech’ the police and the courts will often dismiss incidents under the to freedom of expression.

You have the right not to be beaten , bullied, intimidated or discriminated against in any way because of your ethnicity, and if you suffer any incident that has harmed you then you must contact the police – tell them that you wish to report a hate crime. 

NAGTRW are determined to tackle Hate Crime against Gypsies and Travellers & Roma whenever or where ever it occurs, but that can only happen if victims come forward and report the offence to the police.